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Poetry WTF?! #2 (with Sampson Low Publishers)

Poetry WTF?! #2 (with Sampson Low Publishers)

SKU: 0005

Usually, the titles of films and artworks act as headlines and meaningful signifiers, secondary to the works themselves. Poetry WTF?! #2 turns all of that on its head as film and artwork titles take centre stage, turned into the building blocks for a startling series of poems.


Howie Good’s eye for the unusual picks out evocative phrases and assembles them into a surreal poetic landscape that reveals our collective anxieties and fears, hopes and dreams. Dale Wisely’s subtle illustrations provide the perfect accompaniment.


Howie Good is professor of journalism at State University New York and a prolific author.


Dale Wisely is a writer, poet, digital artist, and an epistemological comptroller for a major catastrophe. He edits, and, with Howie Good, prose poetry at


ISBN: 978-1-910578-37-7 | A6 | 16pp

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