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Image by Neel

It's 2023

... and language AIs are conquering the world!


Just not in the way we initially anticipated. So, with the precision of a perfectly crafted sentence, we are putting a full stop to our beloved AI app, Talespin AI.

Talespin AI, in its prime, was like a Shakespearean sonnet: beautiful and ingenious. But now, it seems, the AI world has decided that free verse is the way to go, and we've decided to go with the flow.

The 'new order' of AI competition has encouraged us to put our creative hats back on, and reassess the ways we can innovate.


Thunderclap Interactive is shutting up shop for now, but we're excited to unravel the mysteries of what’s to come.

So, it's not farewell. It's more of a "BRB, rethinking our algorithms"

Imagining the future of creative writing


Thunderclap Interactive's mission is to develop new creative writing experiences using the power of the imagination and AI. We are a creative and technology company specialising in new ideas in literature and the arts.

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